Senior Competition is the next step after the Junior competition for players who are older than 18 years of age. There are multiple grades and formats that Hampton Park Tennis Club takes part in. We play in two competitions – Waverley & District Tennis Association and Tennis Victoria Pennant.

Waverley & District Tennis Association (WDTA)

Most of our teams play on a Saturday Afternoon. We play in singles & doubles or only doubles with either all male, all female or mixed teams. For those who are really competitive there’s a mixuture between sets (8 games) and/or rubbers (best of 3 sets). There are generally 8 teams per grade/section spanning over 14-16 weeks. There are equal number of games played at home courts (Hampton Park) and away courts (opposition teams). The top grades of each format will playoff finals at Doveton (the home of WDTA).

Grades are categorised in letters followed by a number (section). A Grade 1 being the highest grade. The marquee grade in WDTA is the Single/Doubles rubbers format which is called ‘Challenge Cup’.

Team selections are performance based and we endavour to try fit your stand in the best grade possible.

The competition runs in two seasons. Winter & Summer. If you feel up for playing or just playing as an emergency enquire with our senior convenior (see Contact page)

Tennis Victoria Pennant

Played during the Winter season, Tennis Vic Pennant is one of the highest competitions in the state with all the top players in the state competiting in different grades. The grades vary from 1-10 (1 being the top grade). New players generally start in lower grades and progress as their performance in the previous season. The marquee grade of Tennis Vic is ‘State Grade’ which used to take part in the regular pennant season, but now is played later. Pennant comprises of 4 players where they play one singles or two doubles in rubbers on alternative weeks. Week 1 you may play one best of 3 sets of singles. Week 2 you’ll play two best of 3 sets of doubles.