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Tennis Victoria Pennant dedicated dashboard page

We’ve added a new page to our website for the two pennant teams Grade 2 Mens Doubles and Grade 10 Section 1 Mens Singles/Doubles. This new page allows you to see fixtures, results & ladders for both teams. It replaces the manual results & ladders that we were doing fortnightly which was a rather tedious job. This way our members and public can see how well the teams are performing directly via Tennis Victoria’s Pennant website directly on the Hampton Park Tennis Club website tailor made.

Click here to see the Tennis Victoria Pennant page.


2015 Winter Season Winner

A big congratulations to all the winners from the 2015 Winter Season.


Tennis Victoria Pennant – Grade 5 Mens Doubles


Left to right: George, Joey, Darrin, Robbie & Jay

WDTA – presidents cup


Left to right: Darrin, Aryton & Raffy


WDTA – a reserve 2 mixed doubles


Left to right: Voldi, Rod, Kylie, Amanda, Simon & Amanda



WDTA – B Special 3 mixed doubles


Left to right: Trent, Paul, Katrina, Elise, Catherine & Andrew