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Tennis Victoria Pennant dedicated dashboard page

We’ve added a new page to our website for the two pennant teams Grade 2 Mens Doubles and Grade 10 Section 1 Mens Singles/Doubles. This new page allows you to see fixtures, results & ladders for both teams. It replaces the manual results & ladders that we were doing fortnightly which was a rather tedious job. This way our members and public can see how well the teams are performing directly via Tennis Victoria’s Pennant website directly on the Hampton Park Tennis Club website tailor made.

Click here to see the Tennis Victoria Pennant page.


Mid Year Club Snapshot

With the $500 night around the corner, there are only 15 tickets remaining! Please contact Yvette ASAP if you would like to purchase a number as they are running out quick sticks!

Also in a few weeks’ time the club will be hosting an Open Day on Sunday 9th August, in the coming days you will start to see more information about it. Importantly we would like to announce that there is a $10 discount for renewing members as of today till Sunday 9th August. This way you can pay your membership off and come and enjoy the fun and festivities of the Open Day.

Lastly we will also be holding a presentation for the Senior Club Championships at midday on Sunday 9th August.

Junior teams overall have been progressing well this season with more than half in finals contentions. As always we encourage everyone to go out there and have fun and enjoy tennis! Winning is a bonus! There is also plans for a Junior social event at the end of the season, so watch this space.

Senior teams are tracking well. Most teams are in finals contention, we hope to continue supporting them all! The club pennant side is having a breakout season in the first Open Doubles grade. After 11 rounds they are still undefeated, and heading towards a premiership with just 4 rounds remaining before finals.

Special mention to our coordinators & club captain, Sharon & Kylie for their rock solid effort so far!


In short, we have new sponsorships and exciting news around the corner that will be announced most likely in the next couple of months. Please make sure you buy numbers for the $500 night this Saturday, and come down on Sunday 9th August for the Open Day.